Bat-friendly LED street lights


How can we do to live a better life with our surroundings,Signify who is known as Philips lighting, now installed their first bat-friendly led street lights in Dutch town, which is red CCT.


 Bat friendly street lights (1).jpg


Rare bats in Zuidhoek-Nieuwkoop, now can get out at night without disturbing their natural senses and rhythms, thanks to the new led street lights designed for them.


These street lights with special light recipe which is perceived by bats as darkness, and also can give enough illuminance for people, benefiting residents without harming bats. This led street lights give highly efficiency and energy saving.


Bat friendly street lights (3).jpg


Public lighting is not only for human, but also animals and living creature; reducing the bad effect of lighting is what we shall do, such as reduce the blue hazard from LED street lights which high color temperature 6500k, we use 3000k other than CCT higher than 4000k.


Also for indoor lighting, to use 3000k is better for our eyes and body.


Editor by ZYM lighting


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