Smart LED Street Light- L12 Series

Smart LED Street Light- L12 Series


Product Features:

1. Adoption exclusive ZAG Lens with light transmittance up to 98%. Efficiency rate raise 8% compare to equivalent products.
2. Wind channel thermal design, reduce lamp weight, with excellent heat dissipation, reduce light decay, prolong lamp lifetime.

3. Mainstream CHEM modular design, effectively reduce maintenance costs.
4. Driven by high efficiency constant current and 60% energy-saving than traditional lamps; over –current protection, over-voltage protection, lightning protection, high temperature protection, fully ensures the long life span and high stability.
5. Durable, long lifetime, and last up to 50000 hours; no need to replace frequently and less daily maintenance.
6. Green product, no UV or IR radiation, no mercury pollution
7. The lamp is waterproof and dustproof, with protecting rate: IP66
8. Fast response, no flicker; wide operating voltage range.
9. Multiple chips encapsulation, reduce dead light rate.

10. Can be connected to internet by LoRa system.


Photos for Smart street light


Smart LED Street Light

Front Side


Smart Street Light Front


Back Side


Smart Street Light back


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  • Smart LED Street Light
  • High luminaire efficiency 160lm/w
  • Down open design by tooless clamp
  • Support photocell, dimming function
  • Support internet connected
  • Can be Equipped with LoRa system
  • 5 years guaranty
  • More than 50,000hours
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