ZhaGa intelligent street lighting
What is the difference for NEMA and ZhaGa receptacle...[more]
New conora virus breakout hit china production
At the beginning of 2020, there is severe hit China, and now production had been delayed for Chinese companies...[more]
Bat-friendly LED street lights in Dutch town
Rare bats in Zuidhoek-Nieuwkoop, now can get out at night without disturbing their natural senses and rhythms, thanks to the new led street lights designed for them....[more]
China's solar panel makers see the light, on a farm
(Reuters) - China's solar panel makers believe they may have found a way by becoming one-stop renewable energy shops with...[more]
Solar lighting can deliver major development and climate benefits – UN agency
In 2013 – Countries that switch from lamps, candles, flashlights and other traditional lighting systems to solar power can recover the...[more]
Farming Energy DECEMBER 3, 2013 CAMILLE
Imagine generating renewable energy and yielding crops simultaneously. This multitasking miracle has been achieved recently in Japan...[more]
Megawatt-Scale PV O&M Market to Triple by 2017
The global operations & maintenance market for plants of more than 1 megawatt will reach...[more]
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