Solar replacement of HPS light

Solar replacement of HPS light


Advantages of Solar street lights:


Solar LED street light is good alternative to traditional street lamps, HPS, MH street lights.

Solar street lighting provides lots of advantages over traditional lights:

1. Green energy, lower pwoer consumption, save more than 60% energy.
2. High power,higher brightness, good color rendition.
3. Save cost, electric transformer, cables, free maintenance.
4. Environmental friendly, eliminate hazardous disposal, lower light pullution, no radiation.
5. Longer lifetime, more than 50,000hours, more than 10 years.
6. Less heat produced compared to other lights.
7.Downward oridentation of light, could adjust lighting angles and lighting range,lighting distributions to meet the road lighting requirement.
8.Strong ability to withstand shock, even earthquake happen caused power off, solar street lights also can lighten as normal.
9.When disaster of floods, solar street light also can provide lighting as usually.

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Double arm street lighting, solar powered



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  • Wireless controller with temperature monitoring
  • Good performance when emergencies happened, floods, strong shock
  • Saving much cost for a long time period
  • Green power energy conservation and emission reduction
  • High efficiency LED street light more than 130lm/w
  • Low voltage of DC, safety the body
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