Column panel solar street light

Column panel solar street light



Advantages of Solar street lights:



1. Univeral mounting: solar module can be used in any type of poles and designs without dismantling them makes the application.
2. 360 degree full day charging: Six faces panels with one cylinder, ensure 50% ratio solar radiation.
3. Modular design, easy installation and quick remove on any suitable poles.
4. Patented design; New design which is excellent concept to the market.
5. Strong wind resistance, cylindrical design can avoide heavy wind weather.
6. No dust, snow or bird; vertical design panels no items can stay on it.
7. Aesthetics design; very suitable for pole mounting, and can be with decorative base for poles, look excellent.
8. Anti-vandalism, very good to prevent the stolen activity.
9. Integrated design, which save labor and cost

Photos for solar street lights:


 Unique solar street lighting.jpg


 Unique solar street lighting 2.jpg

 street light.jpg

 Watts can be from 20watts to 120watts, other lighting requirement can be customized!

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  • Solar panels kit on pole
  • Easy installation
  • Anti-vandalism
  • Excellent for heavy wind
  • High efficiency more than 150lm/w
  • No dust or snow stay
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